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We want to help as many people as possible improve their health and fitness, so everyone is welcome to browse the video library, recipes and blog.

Then if you register on the site for a free account, you’ll gain access to myGymCube, which includes:

  • Lifestyle Guide

This comprehensive guide is jam packed with over 100 pages of in-depth advice on how to live a lifestyle of lifelong healthy habits.

  • Tracking Your Stats

You’ll be able to store your stats such as weight and measurements and track your progress.

  • Favourite Videos

You can mark your favourite videos so that you quickly access them as soon as you login, without needing to scroll through the entire library to find them each time you visit the site.

  • Track Your Workouts

See which workouts you’ve completed and how frequently you’ve worked out...a great way to keep you motivated

You can also become a member for just £7 per month or £70 per year, which includes all of the above, PLUS:

  • Programmes and Plans

You’ll have exclusive access to our specific plans and programmes as part of your membership. These retail to non members at a starting price of £10.00 per plan, but you’ll have access to them all as part of your membership, and we add new plans every single month.

  • Challenges

Our monthly challenges are a fantastic way to stay motivated. You’ll follow a specific plan created by one of our GymCube Master Trainers and have access to them via the site for the duration of the challenge.

  • Member-Only Groups

You’ll be able to chat with GymCube Master Trainers and your fellow GymCube members...the ultimate way to stay accountable.

  • Store Discounts

You’ll get exclusive discounts on products in the GymCube shop, such as workout music and clothing.