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If your login has failed there could be a few simple explanations as to why.

1. You may have entered your email incorrectly on sign up

We encourage you to check that you have spelt your email address correctly when signing up.

New members are sent a welcome email on sign up, so if you haven't received yours then there is a chance you entered your email incorrectly. (When looking for the Welcome Email be sure to check your Junk/Spam folder) We often see mistakes such as .co instead of .com etc. This is a common mistake and can be easily fixed by emailing us at (providing us with the correct email address) and we will be able to check this for you.

If it appears that you have spelt the email address wrong we will be able to enter your correct email address for you.

2. Are you entering your password incorrectly?

There is a box below the password field where you can click 'show Password' so that you can be sure you are entering your details correctly.

3. Is Caps Lock on when it shouldn't be?

The password field is case sensitive, so it's worth checking your caps lock is not on when it shouldn't be. If all else fails! Email us and we will help you! This is the best email for the GymCube team >