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There's a GymCube website, and a GymCube app, I'm confused?


The GymCube website is accessable using all internet enabled devices. In addition to the GymCube website, new for 2019, is the GymCube IOS app, suitable for Apple iPhone's and Apple iPads. To use the website and the app effectively, you must consider if you are a 'client' or a 'coach'. A client will use the website to view workout videos and recipes, track their results over time, and perhaps register to the app to get help at anytime from a qualified coach. A coach will use the app to position themselves available as an online coach, and conduct live online coaching sessions within the app. The GymCube website is a resource a coach can use to provide his/her client with guidence on workouts, programmes and recipes.

1. The GymCube website

Cost = Free to Register

Key Features:

  • Workout Videos
  • Training Programmes
  • Exercise Library
  • Live Online Classes
  • Recipes
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Useful Blog Articles
  • myGymCube (Dashboard Profile)
    • Stat/Progress Tracking
    • Favourite Your Videos
    • Internal Messaging
  • Store
    • PDF Programmes (digital downloads)
    • Music (suitable for coaches teaching classes - digital download)
    • Merchandise (global distribution)
    • Gym Equipment (UK distribution)
    • MyZone (UK, USA, Aus distribution)
    • Reebok Clothing (global distribution)




2. The GymCube IOS app 

Cost = Free to Register (in-app purchases = one-to-one live online coaching)

Key Features:

Register as a Client

  • Internal Messaging (free to use)
  • Online One-to-One Live Coaching (in-app purchase) 
  • Workout Videos (free to use)


Register as a Coach

  • Exclusive only to coaches who are qualified and verified as members of the Register of Exercise Professionals
  • Internal Messaging (free to use - only with clients who have contacted you first)
  • Online One-to-One Live Coaching (as a coach, you receive payments) 
  • Workout Videos (free to use)