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What is GymCube's pricing structure?


Thanks to sponsorship from global fitness brand Reebok plus GymCube's awesome investors, GymCube has the luxury of being able to compete in the online fitness marketplace with the offer of the entire platform free to use! Most online fitness platforms of a similar quality charge anywhere from £10-£30 a month! GymCube is FREE

To ensure you are aware of all possible options that include costs, GymCube is free to register and use, however, we do sell optional downloads such as printable gym plans (that you can also use on your phone), plus music, clothing and equipment (we would love to give these away for free too! But that one is not an option I'm afraid - we did ask!). Within the GymCube app, you can purchase one-on-one time with a qualified coach to help you with things like improving your technique, writing bespoke programmes for you to follow and guidance with your diet (for transparency, the coach sets his/her own prices and receives 80% of the payment you make and GymCube receives 20% for providing the platform).