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I'm a coach, can you make it clear what are the total fees involved in GymCube?


The GymCube app is free to register as a coach, however, free registration is exclusive to coaches who are members of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

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Coaches are not allowed to be authorised on the app as a coach without being first verified as fully qualified by REPs.

If you are not a member of REPs, it costs £40 per year to be a REPs member, and you pay that directly to REPs. If you would like to register with REPs Click Here.

There are no upfront fees or membership subscription, however, GymCube takes 20% of the payments made to a coach from a client.

Tip: GymCube recommends coaches factor this is when considering their pricing. For example, using simple maths, if a coach wants to walk away with £10, then the coach needs to charge £12-£13 (there are only round numbers to the pound).