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Are these included in my membership?...


The Add-Ons are named that for transparency and clarity...

Add-Ons are additional optional purchases.

Over the years, GymCube has been key in consulting for many Celebrity Programs, all of which are displayed here.

They are all available for purchase by clicking on the link and buying.

Celebrity Programs are separate purchases away from GymCube, and not included in your GymCube membership.

Your GymCube One-Off payment gives tons of content, but the celebrity add-ons are not included.

Here is what you do get with your one-time payment:

  • Video Archive
  • Exercise Library
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Nutrition Joureny with Ben Coomber
  • myGymCube (Dashboard Profile)
  • Stats Tracking
  • Downloadable Lifestyle Guide
  • Downloadable Nutrition Guide
  • Downloadable Gym Workouts