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GymCube App 'How To' Videos (Coaches)

Downloading the GymCube App from the IOS app store



The GymCube App is available on IOS devices only (iPhone, iPad). Android users can still get the best from the GymCube website

Important: You must 'REGISTER AS COACH' on the app

Take your time to enter your correct details to ensure you can be paid for your coaching service

Pending status (REPs member Vs Not REPs member)

You must log in to REPs and 'opt-in' to the GymCube App in your REPs dashboard, if you do not do this, REPs will not share your qualifications and you will not be authorised to use the GymCube App as a coach

Pending status (if you still see it after trying eberything)

Contact [email protected] and one of your friendly customer support team will help you as quickly as possible

Updating your profile

Profiles with images get more clicks than profiles without

Setting your prices

Your pricing strategy will impact your success. The obvious is to lower your proces to penetrate the market, although you should factor in your level of qualifications and experience in comparison to other coaches to help you decide if you should be higher or lower (smart tip: you can register with a seperate email as a client and take a look at all the other coaches on the app, and see their prices to compare)

How does GymCube make money?

The GymCube App is free to register as a coach, we do not charge a subscription fee. GymCube takes 20% from all personal coaching sessions conducted on the app

Getting clients

We always recommend that you make noise to your own community/fans/followers/database, as these people know you and are the most likely to want to be coached by you