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1-1 PT

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Series Stats

Weight Loss
No Equipment

Body Stats


  1. Anterior


Weight Loss with Toning

Equipment None


Training Days

5 days per week

Choose a warm up at the start of each workout and a stretch video at the end of each workout.

Day 1: 1-1 PT Armageddon 

Day 2: 1-1 PT Abs 1

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: 1-1 PT Lower Body

Day 5: 1-1 PT Abs 2

Day 6: 1-1 PT Upper Body

Day 7: 1-1 PT Full Body

We recommend following this programme for 2-3 weeks before moving onto a new programme. 


You'll love this programme if you like variety and want great coaching. 

Class Instructor
- Richard Callander

Richard is a passionate, motivated, entertaining and award-winning trainer who has been a part of the fitness industry for over two decades. He has successfully and consistently blurred the lines between personal trainer, fitness presenter, media consultant and educator while working with leading... Tell me more about Richard!
More of
's workouts!
1-1 PT Stretch (1)

This workout will help increase your flexibility and help improve overall performance by increasing muscle and joint range of motion.

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1-1 PT Stretch (2)

This stretch workout from Richard will aid in your flexibility help relax you following a workout. Put on your favourite music on and take some time out of your day to stretch and chill.

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1-1 PT Armageddon

Richard has combined his Armageddon workouts with his personal training style to bring you a personal Armageddon class in your living room.

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1-1 PT Drill Warm Up

This warm up is one of 2 to choose from before partaking in your 1-1 PT workout with Richard Callender. It can also be used with other workouts on the site.

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1-1 PT Dance Warm Up

This dance warm up should be used before your 1-1 PT workouts with Richard Callender. It could also be used in addition to other workouts to add a fun cardio element to another short format session.

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1-1 PT Abs (1)

Richard has designed 2 different abdominal workouts for his personal training sessions, this longer format version will give your core a full workout!

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1-1 PT Abs (2)

This shorter abs PT workout from Richard is for when you're short on time but want to squeeze a quick workout into your day. Tighten your core, strengthen your abs and obliques in this great short format workout!

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1-1 PT Lower Body

This personal training session from Richard will focus on your lower body. Richard has combined moves that will help you develop slim toned legs that you can show off on the beach or in your favourite dress.

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1-1 PT Upper Body

In this workout Richard will coach you through an upper body workout that he has designed to work perfectly for you in your living room. The workout uses dumbbells but water bottles can be used as an alternative.

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1-1 PT Full Body

This whole body personal training session will hit every body zone in just 20 minutes. Richard will push you to get everything you can from this workout leaving you stronger and fitter than ever before!

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