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30 Day Full Body Workout Challenge

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Series Stats

Weight Loss
No Equipment

Body Stats


  1. Abs
  2. Anterior
  3. Cardiovascular
  4. Core
  5. Legs
  6. Lower Body
  7. Upper Body


  1. Back (Upper)
  2. Bum
  3. Posterior


Weight Loss, Toning, Cardiovascular Fitness

Equipment Needed


Training Days

6 days per week

Day 1: 30 Day Fit Test

Day 2: 30 Day Full Body Workout

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: 30 Day Upper Body 1

Day 5: 30 Day Lower Body

Day 6: 30 Day Abs 1

Day 7: 30 Day Stretch

Day 8: 30 Day Fit Test

Day 9: 30 Day Full Body Workout

Day 10: Rest

Day 11: 30 Day Upper Body 1

Day 12: 30 Day Lower Body

Day 13: 30 Day Abs 1

Day 14: 30 Day Stretch

Day 15: 30 Day Fit Test

Day 16: 30 Day Full Body Workout

Day 17: Rest

Day 18: 30 Day Upper Body 2

Day 19: 30 Day Lower Body

Day 20: 30 Day Abs 2

Day 21: 30 Day Stretch

Day 22: 30 Day Fit Test

Day 24: 30 Day Full Body Workout

Day 25: Rest

Day 26: 30 Day Upper Body 2

Day 27: 30 Day Lower Body

Day 28: 30 Day Abs 1

Day 29: 30 Day Stretch

Day 30: 30 Day Fit Test


You'll like this programme if you want to work on all aspects of fitness and track your progress throughout the 30 days. 

Class Instructor
- Richard Callander

Richard is a passionate, motivated, entertaining and award-winning trainer who has been a part of the fitness industry for over two decades. He has successfully and consistently blurred the lines between personal trainer, fitness presenter, media consultant and educator while working with leading... Tell me more about Richard!
More of
's workouts!
30 Day Abs 1

Richard uses a variety of isometric and isotonic abdominal exercises to really hit the abs, obliques and core in this abs section of his 30 Day Challenge. Expect to feel your abs working hard as you work towards a flatter stomach!

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30 Day Abs 2

Tone and sculpt your abs with Richards Abs 2 workout. Used as part of th 30 Day Challenge, Abs 2 will take you through a variety of plank, rotation and crunch exercises to tighten and tone your abs. Richard will go through all the teaching points required to ensure you carry out all the moves safely with correct technique.

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30 Day Upper Body 1

During this video Richard teaches you the techniques required to work through his first Upper Body workout. You will be asked to perform a variety of pull, press and rotation movements. All the exercises are aiming to increase strength and increase muscle tone.

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30 Day Upper Body 2

The Upper Body 2 workout has Richard taking you through exercises that will sculpt and tone the whole of your upper body. You can use dumbbells or water bottles as resistance, simply follow Richards lead and get those upper body muscles tight and toned.

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30 Day Stretch

Stretching is a hugely important part of any training programme. During this video Richard demostrates and walks you through the correct stretching techniques required to ensure you stay safe during your 30 Day Challenge.

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30 Day Fit Test

Richard has devised a Fit Test to give you an idea of how you're progressing throughout your 30 Day Challenge.

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30 Day Lower Body

This Lower Body workout from Richards 30 Day Challenge hits all areas of your lower body from a variety of angles using squat and lunge variations to tighten and tone your quads, hamstrings, thighs and calves.

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30 Day Full Body Workout

The Full Body Workout will hit all areas of your body helping to tone and sculpt your legs, arms, chest, back and abs. With a combination of speed, agility, quickness techniques and resistance training your whole body will start to take shape while increasing metabolism and burning off lots of fat!

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