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Series Stats

Weight Loss
No Equipment

Body Stats


  1. Anterior


  1. Posterior


Weight Loss with Toning

Equipment Needed


Training Days

5 days per week

Day 1: Full Body 1

Day 2: Full Body 2

Day 3: Armageddon Abs

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Full Body 3

Day 6: Full Body 4

Day 7: Rest

We recommend following this programme for 2-3 weeks before moving onto another one. 


You'll love this programme if you want to challenge your whole body and burn some serious calories. It won't be for you if you want to chill out and take it easy!

Class Instructor
- Richard Callander

Richard is a passionate, motivated, entertaining and award-winning trainer who has been a part of the fitness industry for over two decades. He has successfully and consistently blurred the lines between personal trainer, fitness presenter, media consultant and educator while working with leading... Tell me more about Richard!
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's workouts!
Armageddon Abs

This short form Armageddon workout is focused on your abs. This video is ideal for those days when you're short on time but want to keep your progress going by building a strong core and burning a couple of extra calories.

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Full Body 1

This action packed, intense workout comes to you straight from the Reebok shop in Covent Garden. The workout features 3 options for each exercise so you can tailer the workout to making it harder and easier as require. Always try to push to get the most each and every time you take on this workout.

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Full Body 2

This workout is going to hit every muscle in your body and ones you didn't know existed! Richard will push you and keep you motivated to go a little bit harder each and every time you do this workout.

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Full Body 3

Keeping to his Armageddon format this heart pumping workout brakes you in nicely with a gentle warm up then hits your heart with an intense sessionto get you burning fat and feeling great. Richards firm but fair approach to working out will keep you pushing right till the end.

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Full Body 4

Comprised of bodyweight moves that will work both your strength and cardiovascular system this workout is for anyone looking for make an improvement to their general fitness from beginner to advanced.

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