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Dance with Lindsay Jay

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Series Stats

Weight Loss
No Equipment

Body Stats


  1. Anterior
  2. Cardiovascular


Weight Loss and Cardiovascular Fitness

Equipment Needed


Training Days

3 days per week. 

Day 1: Ibiza Dance Beginners 1

Day 2: Rest 

Day 3: Ibiza Dance Beginners 2

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Ibiza Dance Beginners 3

Day 6: Rest 

Day 7: Rest

This is a great programme to help you get started on your fitness journey, and we would recommend following it for 2 weeks before moving onto another programme. 


You'll love this programme if you enjoy working out to music and love to dance yourself fit, but don’t have a lot of time in your busy week to workout more than 3 days per week. 

Lindsay Jay

Class Instructor
- Lindsay Jay

Lindsay Jay is an International fitness presenter; specialising in yoga, dance fitness and body conditioning and is supported by Reebok. She broke the Guinness world record for the biggest ever Zumba class in 2011. Tell me more about Lindsay!
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's workouts!
Ibiza Dance Beginners 1

This first dance workout is a great introduction to dance fitness. This dance workout series is the ideal starting point for anyone looking to try out dance fitness for the first time. Lindsay has put together a energetic dance workout for everyone! Just follow Lindsay's lead and enjoy the easy to follow dance routines. Get the Ibiza vibe with the stunning roof top setting and immerse yourself in each workout, the time will fly as you get fit and dance around your living room!

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Ibiza Dance Beginners 2

This workout progresses on from the first one in the series but keeps it simple so anyone without dance experience can get involved. So put on your dancing shoes and dance your way to a fitter healthier you!

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Ibiza Dance Beginners 3

The third workout from the roof top of the Hard Rock hotel, this is the workout to really sake it. Follow along or add in your own freestyle moves. Look out for more exciting dance workout from Ibiza in summer 2016.

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