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Flexibility, Strength and Relaxation

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7 days per week. Perform one workout each day, and aim to follow this programme for 2–4 weeks.


You'll love this programme if you want to improve your Yoga technique and try a range of Yoga variations. If you're looking for a hardcore sweaty cardio session then this programme isn't the one for you...give Double HIIT a shot instead. 

Lindsay Jay

Class Instructor
- Lindsay Jay

Lindsay Jay is an International fitness presenter; specialising in yoga, dance fitness and body conditioning and is supported by Reebok. She broke the Guinness world record for the biggest ever Zumba class in 2011. Tell me more about Lindsay!
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's workouts!
Yoga for Beginners

This workout has been designed for anyone who's just starting to practise Yoga. No experience is needed to get a great session from this workout but you will come away with a sense of satisfaction that you have taken your first steps in your Yoga journey.

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Yoga for your butt

Yoga can help you achieve more physically than relaxation. This sunset yoga practice has been designed by Lindsay to target the glute muscles to help you build a firm toned bottom while getting to enjoy the breather taking views of Es Vedra.

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Yoga to stretch and soothe

This workout will help with your flexibility. Stretching out all your muscles and joints to leave you feeling supple and relaxed. This stretch and soothe video is a great way to stretch your whole body and can be used to compliment other more high intensity workouts.

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De-stress Meditation

This relaxing meditation video is a chance for you to take a little time out from your day, de-stress and get ready to face whatever your week throws at you.

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Yoga for weight loss

This yoga workout overlooking the bay at Cala Tarida will help you in your weight loss journey as well as leave you feeling awake and invigorated for the rest of the day.

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Yoga for Your Abs

This is a different approach to targeting your abs, if you've not tried it before we are sure you'll really enjoy feeling your abs work while you relax and stretch out in this yoga abs workout.

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Yoga to Energise

This workout will get you re-energised and ready for what ever the day throws at you. It overlooks the bay of Cala Tarida and the energy is infectious! It will leave you full of energy and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you...

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