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Total Tone Up

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Series Stats

Weight Loss
No Equipment

Body Stats


  1. Anterior


  1. Posterior


Weight Loss Goal with Toning

Equipment Needed


Training Days

4 days per week

Week 1 & 2

Day 1: Legs, Abs & Arms Accumulator

Day 2: Core 20:10

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Upper Body, Lower Body 50:10

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: Legs, Abs & Arms 30:10

Day 7: Rest

Week 3 & 4

Day 1: Legs, Abs & Arms 50:10

Day 2: Core 40:10

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Lower Body & Core 45:15

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: Legs, Abs & Arms 30:10

Day 7: Rest


You'll like this programme if you want to work on specific body parts using time-effective workouts.

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Class Instructor
- Katie Bulmer-Cooke

Fitness entrepreneur Katie, began her journey in the world of business at the age of 16, setting up exercise classes in her home town of Sunderland. Fast forward 13 years and Katie is now selling her fitness DVDs and online training programmes in the 11 countries across the world, as well as... Tell me more about Katie!
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's workouts!
Legs, Arms & Abs (Accumulator)

This workout builds with every set. 30 seconds work with 30 seconds rest. With each set an additional exercise is added while keeping the rest time the same meaning it builds until you're working for a full 2 minutes.

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Lower Body & Core (20:20:20)

This is a super set workout designed by Katie. Super sets are 2 moves worked back to back that compliment each other in order to get you the best results possible. In this workout Katie has combined core, lower and upper body exercises to keep the whole body working.

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Core (20:10)

Set over 2 rounds with 2 exercises in each round Katie has combined moves that will maximise your results and get you the best calorie burn available for your effort. Push with every set and see if you can beat Katie’s rep count.

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Core (40:10)

This workout will target your whole body with an abdominal bias in order to help you build a strong core. Katie has included rest sets in order to allow you to work each abdominal set to the max.

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Legs, Arms and Abs (50:10)

Using 50 second working sets again Katie is looking for you to push till the last second. The exercises are ordered to allow each muscle group to rest after being worked so that you come back stronger each time.

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Lower Body & Core (45:15)

Featuring big movements that incorporate multiple large muscle groups, this workout will get you burning fat and fast. These moves will also help with both balance and co-ordination. This is a workout that will both shape your body as well as help build a strong functional body.

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Upper Body, Lower Body (50:10)

With 50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest Katie has designed this workout to help build your muscular endurance needed for performing every day tasks. This increased endurance will help you to work harder in the shorter workouts.

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Legs, Arms & Abs (30:10)

This second workout from Katie for the Total Tone Up workout series Katie has increased the work period to 30 second while keeping the rest period at 10 seconds to give you a harder workout and help you get great results in super fast time.

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